George Tzinetas

Politics - Economy 

Croatia in July 2013 became the 28th member of the European Union. The problem of missing persons remains the most topical humanitarian issue in Croatia after the war in the country. According to the International Commission of Missing Persons in the Former Yugoslavia still sought traces of 13,800 people. According to the information provided by non-governmental organizations in the last five years, from 143 mass graves and 1,200 individual graves became the exhumation of the remains 4,678 people and identified the remains of 3,748 missing persons. "Mirror" and "barometer" of the economic situation of society, namely the wallet of the average citizen and the housewife is the open - air market. With my photos, i am trying to put the focus on the man himself , but the looks and style of the people bring to the surface the political and economic conditions related to the recent historical events.

Topic: Politics - Economy

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