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Santorini is one of the most photographed places on earth. While Santorini belongs to the top ten travel destination lists worldwide, if you move your sight a bit to the left, you will come along a tiny island called Anafi.

You can get there only by boat, since there is no airport on the island. The only resemblance with Santorini is that you get to Anafi, from Santorini, only by boat in about an hour and a half. The capital of the island is located not by the sea, but on a large cliff. Of course this is typical for an Aegean island, as it is the extraordinary view of the deep blue you get from every little rectangular white house you stay.

Four beautiful beaches located on the south part of the island can easily be reached, even on foot since the most distant one is only 10km far from the capital. If you get hungry you can grab a bite on one of the five tavernas of the island. The food, either meat or fish is truly exceptional and is usually accompanied with home grown vegetables and herbs.

However the most interesting thing about this quiet island is not the view, the architecture, the beaches nor the food but the people who live or visit it. The island during the winter has only 200 inhabitants. In the summer the number gets multiplied by tourists and by people who have left the island to find a better luck in the big city and return to spend a few days. When you walk on the narrow alleys, you do not feel that you are a foreigner since everybody, even visitors talk to you with a wide smile. In two days time you know everybody and everybody knows you. This is the advantage of a tiny place with warm people. You become friends with everyone, which is obvious in the tavernas and in the only square of Anafi, where you feel like a part of a big company. The island attracts young people, actors, writers, musicians and artists. It is a popular destination among free campers since camping is permitted even on beaches.

Anafi has three key ingredients for the successful recipe which makes you want to come back every summer: a beautiful place, artistic visitors and locals who are still humane and don't treat you like a fifty euro note. To conclude next time you plan a trip to the caldera, consider a "caldera break" to Anafi.

Topic: Anafi, chaste style - clean lines

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Crossing my Comfort Zone (CCZ)

Simply, your comfort zone is a behavioural space where your activities and behaviors fit a routine and pattern that minimizes stress and risk. It provides a state of mental security. It is this autopilot most of us are trapped in during our everyday lives. We are often not even aware of the fact that we are in this cage of mental conditioning. You benefit in obvious ways: regular happiness, low anxiety, and reduced stress. There are people who thrive on snap decisions, others are more comfortable weighing all of the possible options several times, over and over again. Sometimes making a snap call is in order, just to get things moving.

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The works of the sea

Here end the works of the sea, the works of love.
Those who will some day live here where we end —
should the blood happen to darken in their memory and overflow —
let them not forget us, the weak souls among the asphodels,
let them turn the heads of the victims towards Erebus:

We who had nothing will school them in serenity.

Mythistorema by George Seferis

Topic: The works of the sea

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8 Seconds

According to the French philosopher Henri Bergson there are two types of Time, mental, mathematical Time is the time of science and the psychological Time. The mathematical time is measurable, fritter and thus represents the flux of the real time. The boat, car, train is the symbolic representation of the time as a result of the movement. For Bergson the key to reality lies in that the change (time and motion) must be treated as indivisible. The split time is the spacial Time and not Duration. The real time and true reality do not consist of positions where positions imply immobility. The psychological time or else Duration is indivisible , continuous , housed within the consciousness and can not be analyzed with math or be represented by a line. According to Bergson, we have an intimate and direct experience of duration. We do not experience time as a series of moments but as a continuation. This continuity and durability is the immediate data of consciousness. Since experiencing the duration, the present moment is always transient boundary between past that passed and the future that is coming. The relationship present - past identified with the connection of conception - memory. Memory acts as the unifying factor in the succession and passing levels of consciousness. Memory, keeping the past in the present allows the existence of time. Without a rudimentary memory connecting two moments there will be only one or only the other, nothing before or since, no duration, no time. The short-term memory lingers 5-8 seconds , and affects the perceived present. The time of exposure of all photos is 8 seconds.

Topic: Time

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Time. A perpetual motion. An endless cluster of moments. Moments indifferent and moments that stigma. Moments that sink into oblivion and moments etched indelibly. Moments that alternate so quickly. Because time goes. Passes and leaves. And by it's passage nothing is standing the same. Items frayed, surrendered to their wear out. Landscapes and buildings are deserted, they disappear. People change, grow, get lost. Understanding time is difficult . More weird is it's photographing . But photography and time coincide and collide simultaneously. A photograph is a tiny window in time. One moment slipped and trapped. One moment becomes thymisis ... and then sorrow.

Tia Lampridou, a member of the Photographic Group "KLIKERS"

Topic: Time

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Thessaloniki: Monuments - bridges between the historic past and today

They are next to us , among us , in various parts of the city , sometimes they stand proudly next to apartment buildings, sometimes bask hidden from grasses, sometimes covered with rubbish and being ignored or passed daily, with the pace of our times . These are the many important monuments of Thessaloniki counting more than 2300 years old and has been a crossroad of civilizations with a rich ancient and Byzantine history. The group photograph κλικ-ers make an attempt to discover the traces of the history of our city crouching over them, revealing details and impressions of the story, recording and playing with sometimes matching and sometimes contradictory integration and coexistence of monuments with the urban environment of today. We are called by our photographic lens to bring the spotlight corners and monuments, remnants of past civilizations, throwing bridges to the historical past and linking them to the current figure of Thessaloniki in 2012.

Elena Ganda

Topic: Thessaloniki: Monuments - bridges between the historic past and today

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Politics - Economy 

Croatia in July 2013 became the 28th member of the European Union. The problem of missing persons remains the most topical humanitarian issue in Croatia after the war in the country. According to the International Commission of Missing Persons in the Former Yugoslavia still sought traces of 13,800 people. According to the information provided by non-governmental organizations in the last five years, from 143 mass graves and 1,200 individual graves became the exhumation of the remains 4,678 people and identified the remains of 3,748 missing persons. "Mirror" and "barometer" of the economic situation of society, namely the wallet of the average citizen and the housewife is the open - air market. With my photos, i am trying to put the focus on the man himself , but the looks and style of the people bring to the surface the political and economic conditions related to the recent historical events.

Topic: Politics - Economy

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